Feeling Guilty Munching On CNY Snacks?

Feeling Guilty Munching On CNY Snacks?

by ZIYA ASIA on Jan 31, 2022

YAYS, It's that time of the year again. Time to indulge in the calorific bliss of Chinese New Year treats, from pineapple tarts to peanut cookies, paying no heed to all those New Year resolutions to eat healthily and keep fit. (Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone on this.)

If you’re a firm believer of the ignorance is bliss mentality, you may wish to skip this article because we here at Goody Feed certainly wish for you to have a guilt-free CNY. 

But if you’d like to have an idea of the calories that reside within your favorite CNY snacks and how you can combat them through workout, then, by all means, keep on reading.

Just don’t say I didn’t WARN you!



It’s definitely fragrant, it’s flavorsome and irresistible. The greasy goodness of the bak kwa promises much joy… as long as you can overlook the calories that come along with it. Here is what you can do:



These dissolve on the tip of your tongue, crumbling away into nothingness and coating your taste buds with a lovely aftertaste. One piece is only fifteen calories, and a five-minute walk will do the job of burning off the calories.



What could be better than the egg wafer biscuits rolled to perfection, airy and delicate treats that melt in your mouth with a single bite? Each piece contains roughly 56 calories, and let’s FACE it. And there’s only one option: to seek repentance with exercise.



The iconic pattern which makes them resemble honeycombs. Made with coconut milk, flour, eggs and sugar, this dessert symbolizes happiness!



Grounded from peanuts, these melt-in-your-mouth cookies are in the same calorie boat as the cashew cookies. Be prepared to burn the calories off!



With a texture that’s light and fluffy, slightly sweet and easy on the palate, it’s not hard to see why. You’ll be pleased to know that this well-loved snack is slightly more guilt-free than the other options on this list, with a calorie count of 34 calories per piece.
You’ll only need to walk for 10 minutes to burn off the calories on this one. Phew. Perhaps this would be a good substitute for the slightly more calorie-heavy love letters if you’re craving something light and sweet.


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