High-performance player tracking for high-performing teams.

With over 15 years of experience in team performance tracking systems for elite sport teams, Polar player tracking, and smart clothing technology offers state-of-the-art tools for teams all over the world.

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Take your team’s performance
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Maximize your training sessions.

Polar performance training solutions benefit teams, coaches, and players by letting everyone follow stats and player analytics as they’re broadcast live to a tablet display.

Measure your success.

Key performance indicators such as heart rate, training load, calories, and speed and distance provide valuable insights into athlete performance and can help to prevent overtraining and injuries to ensure the optimal condition of your team.

We understand readiness.

With over 40 years of scientific research and development in sports and athlete performance, the products and solutions we make have been fine-tuned to accurately assess and understand the condition of the human body.

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Polar Team Prod

High-precision GPS-derived movement data, inertial sensor metrics and integrated heart rate monitoring in a mobile and easy-to-use wearable player tracking system.

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1- Contact us. Get a demo from a dedicated rep and discuss the best options for your team.

2- Get the kit. Hook your players up with Polar wearables and connect to Polar Team Pro.

3- Good to go. Your license is activated and ready to use. You can add more players and equipment whenever needed.


Polar Team

Polar Team player monitoring system shows accurate, real-time heart rate and player data for indoor sports. Take advantage of easy-to-use tracking analytics and make informed decisions as the season progresses.

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1- Get the app. Download the iOS app for iPad and create your team to get started straight away.

2- Choose a sensor package. Polar sensors work seamlessly with Polar Team and are designed for anyone to wear.

3- Good to go. Pair your devices with Polar Team app and follow the onboarding process.

Loved by our customers

“Polar Team Pro helps us to manage individual player’s training load and follow their recovery patterns to make sure we get them all prepared and they perform at their peak in the tournament.”

Finnish Men’s National Ice Hockey Team

“With an athlete tracking tool like Polar Team Pro, players only need to wear a tiny motion sensor that live broadcasts their activity and other advanced metrics.”

Ajax Women’s Football Team