Meet The Next Generation Of Running Watches: All-New Polar Pacer Series

Meet The Next Generation Of Running Watches: All-New Polar Pacer Series

by ZIYA ASIA on May 10, 2022

The human body is made for moving, and running is the essence of human movement. So, are you ready to run? Introducing the Polar Pacer Series – an all-new collection of running watches for every kind of runner.

The Pacer Series ushers in a new age of running products that pay tribute to the world’s most popular sport and our core audience, with two new watches tailor-made to guide runners of all levels throughout their running journey – from start to finish. 

If you’re new to running, Polar Pacer will help you fall in love with the sport. 

If running is your life, Polar Pacer Pro will help you become a better runner. 

Ready? Let’s run through Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro


A serious running watch that equips serious runners with seriously powerful training tools. Yes, we’re serious.

Polar Pacer Pro is an ultra-light, next-generation running watch with a new antenna design for accurate GPS tracking, vibrant MIP display for optimal readability in direct sunlight, a hyper fast CPU for high-speed processing and screen transition, long-life battery for up to 35 hours of training on a single charge, and integrated barometer for wrist-based running power.

See? It’s a serious running watch.

And that’s just the hardware. Polar Pacer Pro is equipped with powerful training tools unique to Polar that will increase your chances of becoming a better run. Did anyone say Boston marathon qualifier?

Before you lace up your running shoes, let’s explore some of these features.


Every aspect of Polar Pacer Pro has been engineered for an unrivaled running experience. Light as 41g. of feathers, Polar Pacer Pro features a stripped back and compact design that is barely noticeable on the wrist and provides maximum comfort while running and afterwards.

Ergonomic super-grip buttons stand up to any weather condition when every second matters, and the aluminum bezel adds an elegant touch to the lightweight body. It’s comfortable when you run, and it’s elegant when you don’t.

The all-new flat backside allows closer contact to the skin for precise wrist-based heart rate monitoring. 


Not every runner can react and start running as fast as sprinters on the blocks can. But every runner is ready to break out into a run at any point. Built on an entirely new hardware platform, Polar Pacer Pro will always be ready when you are. 

The new hardware platform is faster and more responsive than ever before in Polar devices. With a CPU that is 2x faster and with 7x more internal memory compared to Polar Vantage M2, the new Polar Pacer Pro offers a fluid and smooth user experience, seamless menu transitions, and workouts that start at an amazing speed.  


When you find your pace and are in the zone, or when you’re pushing your personal best into new territory, every moment counts. There’s no time for distractions, no time to awkwardly lift your arm, no time to squint your eyes to read your stats.

See your stats clearly, at a glance, with a bright display for improved readability. Featuring a 1.2” always-on display with ultra-durable Gorilla 3.0 glass, the screen is thinner than before, bringing the MIP reflective color display closer to the surface for maximum readability in any condition.

And you say you can run long? Polar Pacer Pro will keep going long after you stop. Thanks to the power-efficient MIP display, you’ll get up to 35 hours of training with full GPS and wrist-based heart rate tracking, and up to 7 days in watch mode with 24/7 heart rate monitoring.


Heart rate zones, speed zones, and now, power zones, too. Polar Pacer Pro is equipped with a wrist-based power meter, so you can add a new dimension to your training: running power. 

Wrist-based running power lets you to automatically measure, in watts, power values, and monitor the effort required for every of your run instantly, ensuring you always run at the right intensity and finish strongly. 

The best of it? The feature is powered by the built-in barometer. There’s no need to use additional sensors, or attach a foot pod to your running shoes. It’s all on your wrist.


Whether your route takes you through the busiest part of town or you own the running track lap and after lap, every step leaves a mark. 

See your distance, speed, and log every stride and turn with reliable GPS positioning features. The new antenna design in Polar Pacer Pro offers faster fix times, supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite systems for the best positioning experience anywhere in the world, wherever you run. 

Discovering running routes in new surroundings is a unique pleasure that makes a training cycle entertaining. With Turn-by-Turn Guidance powered by komoot, you can plan, customize, and map detailed routes anywhere and sync them to your Polar Pacer Pro for route guidance as you move – those long runs will be as easy as sightseeing. 

If you run into some hills on the way, don’t be scared – hill training is a proven way to build running strength and endurance. Hill Splitter™ automatically detects all uphills and downhills, providing detailed insights into your performance, such as heart rate, distance, speed, ascent, and descent, for every detected hill on your route.


A no-nonsense GPS running watch with all the essentials, plus some more to do one thing better: Run. 

After all, running is a simple sport – why complicate it?

Polar Pacer is a lightweight timepiece with powerful technology built-in to give the modern runner all the essentials, accurate GPS, and precise heart rate tracking, plus the specialized training, sleep, and recovery tools they need to fall in love with running. 

Nobody loves their first run. If you haven’t run in a while, or at all, running can feel ridiculously hard. That’s probably due to you doing too much, too soon. Polar Pacer embodies the simplicity of running and makes it easy to get started with running.

Featuring a variety of functions to guide, support, and personalize running workouts, Polar Pacer will help you make every run a good run and avoid setbacks that can lead to injury and, ultimately, demotivation to keep on running and achieving new levels of fitness. Starting with the new Walking Test, beginners and inexperienced runners can easily estimate their initial aerobic fitness based on their VO2max and see their progress by going for a 15-minute walk on a flat path.

Polar Pacer shares similar design principles and many of the capabilities of Polar Pacer Pro, including the MIP display and the ultra-thin Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0 screen. It’s light, thin, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing, with super grip buttons for improved usability. The same hardware platform and high-performance CPU powers Polar Pacer for a fluid and smooth user experience, seamless menu transitions, and workouts that start at an amazing speed.

When you understand your body, find your pace, and always run at the right intensity, you’ll increase your chances of keeping on running. 


Whether you’re logging your first miles, or you have a few races under your belt, Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro include all the necessary features to plan, track, and analyze their workouts and races These new running watches use Polar’s proprietary algorithms to bring powerful training and recovery tools in one package for a matchless running experience. 

Let’s take a look:

  • Running essentials: Everything you need from start to finish, includes pace, time, laps, and stopwatch. 
  • Phased training targets: Plan a variety of workouts based on heart rate and speed zones for guided runs or set simple goals like “run 30 minutes.” 
  • Multiple running profiles: Whether you run across the city or on a track, you can define specific settings for different types of runs, including trail running, track & field, and indoor running. 
  • Route tracking: The built-in GPS that provides accurate speed and distance measurements to follow every stride and track runs anywhere. 
  • Running Performance Test: A maximal exertion test to estimate VO2max, fitness level, maximum heart rate, and personalize heart rate, speed, and power zones. 
  • Walking Test: This is an uncomplicated test to estimate aerobic fitness by going for a 15-minute brisk walk on a flat path. 
  • Running index: After every run, you’ll get a score based on the relationship between heart rate and speed, so they can see how their running performance develops over. 
  • Sleep tracking features: Automatic sleep and recovery apps, including Nightly Recharge™ and Sleep Plus Stages™, track the quality and duration of sleep, and how well the body recovers. 
  • Music controls: Connect to the music app on their phone to navigate around playlists and adjust volume straight on the watch. 
  • Smartwatch features: Push notifications, and 3rd party compatibility to connect with your favorite running apps. 
  • Ultra-long battery life: Up to 35 hours training time with full GPS and HR tracking enabled, and up to 100 hours (7 days) in power-save mode.


Some love running; some hate it. 

Some are just getting started; some run every day. 

Some run for fun; some run because it’s an obsession. 

Some run to get fitter; some run to beat their personal best or win a race. 

Everyone is different, but everyone is a runner. 

The question is – which kind of runner are you? 

Discover Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro – which kind of runner are you?